The COVID-19 virus has brought the global economy to a standstill. Millions of companies were shut down and laid off workers. But, as it turned out, the collapse in the economy would have been much worse without their intervention. In this a...” The next big thing is the coronavirus. What industries will ... Elsa
The COVID-19 virus has brought the entire world "to its knees", locked us in "four walls", and put us all "under house arrest". Everyone is panicking today. And so far there is no vaccine for coronavirus, which has plunged the global economy...” The stock market crashed. How long will it last? Elsa
It seems that many people live in a constant state of "minus", with empty pockets and low incomes.But in the world of big money and material wealth, there are a lot of those who have always been "on the money", and have always "got in".In thi...” To be rich or to be poor? Elsa